You can’t hide your sagging skin under a polo neck

The cool thing about autumn and winter is that you can hide a lot under the covers of your clothes. Besides stored fat, it can also be sagging skin on neck which indiscreetly suggests your real age despite the fact you are great at hiding it on your face. But what can we do about […]

Silicone Implants the Myths and the Facts

Even though it’s been 50 years already since silicone implants were invented in the USA, a lot of women still buy the myths that emerged through these years about them, whether rightfully or not. Let’s make the greatest and the most frequent myths clear.   The world has been familiar with silicone implants since 1962 […]

What else do you know about the liposuction

Some may think the liposuction is a way of losing weight that helps to get rid of the kilograms easily and fast. In fact, it is a method designed to shape a figure not to lose weight even though the person necessarily loses the weight of the fat that was sucked out during the procedure. […]

Every body part matters. Nice arms belong to a nice figure

Sagging skin on your arms can reveal your age at the first sight as well as facial wrinkles. But you may deal with another problem with this body part – the accumulated subcutaneous fat which makes you prevent wearing tank tops and T-shirts with short sleeves. Neither of these imperfections is a reason for you […]

Dermatologist’s tips for flawless skin

Women up to 25 years usually do not take particular care of their skin. If they do not suffer from acnes, eczema or other skin issues. When they turn 25, they start asking what is the right time to prevent wrinkle creation? How to take care of skin properly and what are other possibilities besides […]

Don’t get lost in the terminology of plastic surgery. Use our guide

Medical science in general (and plastic surgery is not an exception) has a lot of specific terms and expressions and a layman has no chance to understand them without an explanation. However, after reading a couple of lines below, you will understand the most common expressions in the field plastic surgery easily.   Abdominoplasty Or […]

Sensual lips in one hour

A good plastic surgeon’s intention is not to make your lips as big as Angelina Jolie’s. A distinction like this would not make the best impression. The doctor has to respect patient’s facial features in this procedure as well as he has to take into account patient’s bodily proportions for breast augmentation. The lips are […]

Improved belly (not only) for bikinis

The abdomen is one of the most problematic body parts regarding fat storage. The woman’s skin on the belly also undergoes many transformations during pregnancy. Not only fat pads but also sagging skin which lost its firmness becomes a threat. What can you do about that? Where the combination of exercising and diets did not […]

Ageing and tired eyes need special care. How to get their sparkle back?

As there are mimic muscles around your eyes and the skin on your lids is very thin, those “windows to your soul” are one of the first parts of the face that will show signs of ageing. The more candles on your birthday cake, the deeper the wrinkles around your eyes that were once negligible […]