Don’t get lost in the terminology of plastic surgery. Use our guide

Medical science in general (and plastic surgery is not an exception) has a lot of specific terms and expressions and a layman has no chance to understand them without an explanation. However, after reading a couple of lines below, you will understand the most common expressions in the field plastic surgery easily.



Or a plastic surgery of abdomen in other words is a procedure which is suitable for clients with sagging skin on their abdomens. The sagging skin on an abdomen can be caused by pregnancy, by a significant weight loss or sometimes by the combination of these factors with higher age and less elastic skin. The surgeon does not only remove the excess skin during the abdominoplasty, this procedure is often combined with the liposuction of the abdomen or hips.



Augmentation is probably the most well-known expression among all procedures in the field of plastic surgery. It is a breast augmentation using silicone implants. The client has a  personal consultation with a doctor before the procedure and they agree on a  suitable breast size after the process of augmentation and on the use of a specific implant brand. At Aesthevita clinic, we use Motiva and Polytech implants and also new  B-lite implants which are one third lighter than common implants.



Even though the expression blepharoplasty can seem to be mysterious, it is nothing else than a nowadays quite common eyelid plastic surgery. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the excess skin on sagging eyelids which does not only look unattractively but can also cause eyes filling with tears and a deterioration of vision. Men often undergo this procedure, too.


Bullhorn Lip lift

Even a person who understands English perfectly could have a problem with understanding this term. During a bullhorn lip lift, the surgeon lifts up the sagging skin around the bullhorn lip. The face therefore looks younger and the bullhorn lip looks larger. This procedure has become more and more sought for in recent years.



Lipotransfer is one of the revolutionary methods in plastic surgery. It is the transfer of one’s own fat from one body part to another. Usually, one procedure involves the liposuction of some problematic body parts and the fat which was sucked out is purified and used to fill the breasts, lips, wrinkles, buttocks,calves, or to rejuvenate hands. We use a closed method of fat purification called PureGraft and it maintains the maximum quality fat.



If you were born with protruding ears, you may already know this expression. It is a plastic surgery of ears which can be already performed with children before they go to school if they wish this. It is performed under gentle local anaesthesia.



A nose radically changes the facial expression. No wonder that its unattractive size or shape negatively influences one’s self-confidence. The plastic surgery of nose or rhinoplasty is one of the more advanced procedures which has to be performed by an experienced surgeon. Therefore, it is useful to carefully read through client reviews before choosing a clinic.