Sensual lips in one hour

A good plastic surgeon’s intention is not to make your lips as big as Angelina Jolie’s. A distinction like this would not make the best impression. The doctor has to respect patient’s facial features in this procedure as well as he has to take into account patient’s bodily proportions for breast augmentation. The lips are an important part of your face and therefore it is essential to act in a sensitive way when making them bigger.


You may now feel that it is a demanding surgery but in fact, it is a short and uncomplicated procedure. How the procedure looks like depends on the filling material you choose after consulting a doctor.


One of the options in high demand is filling the lips using the hyaluronic acid which is also great for filling your nasolabial folds. The hyaluronic acid is a natural substance for your body, its application is almost fully painless, short and can be repeated after certain time. Using this method, the procedure will take less than an hour.


Another safe and gentle way for your organism islip augmentation using body’s own fat. It is sucked out of your body and again applied somewhere else during a single procedure which takes about an hour. A doctor will recommend the body part suitable for sucking the fat ata consulation. This procedure can be also repeated after some time.


Even though silicone is usually known only for breast implants, there are also silicone implants for lips. PermaLip implants ensure permanently bigger lips as their name suggests. There are several sizes you can choose. No visible scars remain on your face after this procedure as the surgeon makes only a little incision in the corner of your mouth. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia as an outpatient treatment.


If you were horrified by inelegantly augmented lips of some celebrity in the past, you can be sure that a good plastic surgeon will make this improvement elegantly and the results are absolutely natural. People who didn’t know you before the procedure will not notice your lips got improved with the use of plastic surgery.