Breast lift

Ageing and naturally sagging skin, breastfeeding or significant weight loss... These are the most frequent causes of sagging breasts. Do you add volume to your breasts with push-up bras or you prefer loose clothes in which they won’t attract attention? Modern plastic surgery offers a solution that will restore your lost self-confidence – lifting and modelling the breast through auto augmentation. This relatively new method is used rather rarely in the Czech Republic because it is demanding for the surgeon. At the Aesthevita clinic, we have an experienced specialist – MUDr. Ján Pilka.

Breast lift + breast augmentation with implants

Modern plastic surgery is focused on the individual needs of clients. While some may need an easier procedure for a big change, to make the effect perfect sometimes requires a combination of two or more methods. Breast modelling combined with augmentation (breast lift combined with breast enlargement using implants in other words) is a desired procedure, e. g. for women who lost their breast shape and volume due to breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation using the body’s own fat (Lipotransfer)

Do you wish for a completely natural appearance, plump and firm breasts rather than a significant enlargement? The method that will add 0,5 to 1 in size to your breasts and helps you to get rid of the fat from the desired body areas is called lipotransfer. Thanks to the combination of two procedures in one, it offers great possibilities for body remodelling. The effect can be enhanced by repeating the procedure a few months after the surgery.

Plastic surgery of inverted nipples

It is not only about the appearance but about the function as well. Inverted nipples influence a woman’s self-confidence not only because it is an aesthetic imperfection but they often do not allow for breastfeeding. Nipples are one of the main aesthetic criteria for breasts. Women are usually born with inverted nipples. In some cases, they can come about after breast diseases or as a consequence of infectious diseases or tumours. Modern plastic surgery can help you with this issue in less than an hour.

Areola reduction

You would not change anything about your breasts but you don’t like the shape of your areola? That depends on genes but it also changes during one’s lifetime. In many cases, the enlargement of areola is caused by hormonal changes in the body, breastfeeding or ageing. Simply natural processes of the body that you cannot influence. Women with big breasts have a stronger tendency for areola enlargement. No matter the reason of your dissatisfaction, plastic surgery can help you to achieve the desired areola shape easily and fast.

Brest reduction (reduction mammaplasty)

Some women may perhaps envy you but you know very well what an inconvenience it is to have big breasts. Unlike others, you would you like to see your breasts a little smaller. What was hardly manageable to change in the past is nowadays possible to improve in a few hours. Reduction mammaplasty (or breast reduction in other words) will provide a relief for your body from the burden and it will bring you a better enjoyment of sport, clothing and other activities in which you were limited due to having extremely large breasts.

Breast augmentation

Do you feel that when women were granted their physical qualities you missed out? It is never too late to make it right. Breast augmentation or enlarging breasts with silicone implants is one of the most desired surgeries of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Implants placed under the breast muscle or the mammary gland perfectly fills the volume that you have been compensating with push-up bras and padding.