Areola reduction

You would not change anything about your breasts but you don’t like the shape of your areola? That depends on genes but it also changes during one’s lifetime. In many cases, the enlargement of areola is caused by hormonal changes in the body, breastfeeding or ageing. Simply natural processes of the body that you cannot influence. Women with big breasts have a stronger tendency for areola enlargement. No matter the reason of your dissatisfaction, plastic surgery can help you to achieve the desired areola shape easily and fast.

Anesthesia: Local / Analgosedation / General
Duration of operation: 1 hour
Convalescence: 2-3 weeks

You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon during the consultation

Choose a convenient date of the surgery at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic

Relax during your recovery so the wounds would heal well

You will go through the necessary medical examination before the procedure


Good appearance of areolas is important

Whether we consider the breasts to look good or not depends on several factors – the size and shape of the breasts as well as the size of areolas. Although they are sometimes forgotten and their influence is underestimated a bit, the adjustment of areolas have a significant influence on the appearance of the breasts, sometimes the influence is even crucial. From an aesthetic point of view, the positive thing is to have smaller areolas.

What outcome can I expect?

The first step to take is to arrange an appointment for the pre-surgery consultation. You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon from the very first moment at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic. Discuss with him/her what outcome would be perfect in your case and he/she will describe to you the progress of the procedure and answer your questions about anything you are curious about.

Right before the surgery

When the planned date of the procedure is approaching, you will undergo the pre-surgery examination. This involves blood sampling, an ECG and a sonographic examination of breasts. Women aged over 60 undergo an x-ray of the lungs as well, the age limit for smokers is set at 50.


What does the surgery consist of

The surgeon performs an incision around the areolas. He/she removes the excess skin to achieve the ideal size. At the end, he/she stitches the wound with absorbable sutures and covers it with a sterile gauze. The whole surgery takes approximately one hour.

The thin incision copies the line of the areolar periphery. Therefore, you will barely see the scars after healing. They remain imperceptible. You can start with pressure massage two weeks after the procedure, it promotes the healing and lightening of the scars.


Relax for a couple of days

Re-modelling areolas belongs among the less demanding of surgeries. The good news is that this corresponds to the length of convalescence. Therefore, you can go back to your usual working regime a few days after the surgery. The check-up at the doctor follows a week after the procedure.

You will be ready for full physical exertion, e. g. sports, approximately 3 weeks after the surgery.


Shine with your new found self-confidence

Breasts are one of the intimate parts of the female body. Although they may not be particularly exposed to everybody, women usually care about their appearance a lot. The shape and appearance of the breasts often strongly influence a woman’s self-confidence. The improvement to the aesthetic side of the breasts will give a woman a new stimulus for her self-confidence which will then have a positive effect on various areas of her life.

The price

The price

The price of the procedure is final, everything necessary is already calculated. It specifically includes the following:

  • A consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • Anaesthesia
  • Compressive postoperative halter garment
  • The procedure itself
  • A stay at the clinic after the surgery
  • A package with postoperative care

Non-binding consultation

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