Wrinkle Reduction using Botulinum Toxin

No emotion is without more or less facial expressions. Mimetic wrinkles stay on your face as a remark when your skin gradually sags years by years. Because even quality make-ups are not enough for wrinkles, there is a more efficient helper – botulinum toxin. After the application of botulinum toxin, the wrinkles will stop bothering you even after you put your make-up off. The application is very fast, gentle and it can be repeated if needed.

Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Fast and efficient – that is how applied hyaluronic acid works on the skin. It will take a few years off your appearance in a mere half hour. Hyaluronic acid will restore lost volume by filling both the surface and deeper wrinkles. What do you say? Is it music to your ears?

PRP – Plazma lifting (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Blood plasma can be a dermatological miracle. It tightens and brightens the skin, regenerates, smoothes stretch marks and scars, it also effectively helps when suffering from hair loss... It is a wide-ranging assistant which helps to solve your problem with sagging skin or other cosmetic defects during plasma lifting treatment.

Botulinum toxin treatment for excessive sweating

Is excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) getting you into embarrassing situations every once in a while? Wet circles under the armpits, wet palms or sweaty socks will not improve anyone’s self-confidence. Although sweating is a natural and healthy process of the human organism, it can be efficiently eliminated in the areas of increased activity of the sweat glands. Dermatology uses botulinum toxin for this.