Breast augmentation

Do you feel that when women were granted their physical qualities you missed out? It is never too late to make it right. Breast augmentation or enlarging breasts with silicone implants is one of the most desired surgeries of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Implants placed under the breast muscle or the mammary gland perfectly fills the volume that you have been compensating with push-up bras and padding.

Anesthesia: General
Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Convalescence: 4-6 weeks

You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon during the consultation

Choose a convenient date of the surgery at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic

Relax during your recovery so the wounds would heal well

You will go through the necessary medical examination before the procedure


When the dream is becoming a reality

Breasts give women a lot of their charm. Ladies that were not gifted with a plump cleavage or they have lost it due to maternity or strict diet no longer have to cry in front of the mirror. Modern plastic surgery can turn their disadvantage into an advantage in a mere couple of weeks. The first steps on the path to make the dream of a plumper cleavage come true, lead directly to a clinic where you would like the procedure to be performed. You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon (that means the most competent specialist) from the very first moment at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic. Be prepared that he/she might identify some of your assumptions as being false. In any case, you will get to know everything you need to make a conclusive decision.

How will I look

Round or teardrop shaped? This is the question you will have to answer during your consultation with the surgeon. There are different types of implants and it is necessary to decide which one fits perfectly with your figure and chest shape. Even if you have a good imagination, take advantage of the opportunity to try how you would feel with bigger breasts. The surgeon will lend you special gel pads – test implants or the so-called sizers. Unusual at first sight? Have a look for a second time, a third time, again and again from all sides. You can start to look forward to your procedure while on your way from the consultation. You took the first step of the journey to being more self-confidence and having a better figure!

Right before the surgery

Here the tough part begins. When the planned date of the procedure is approaching, you will undergo the pre-surgery examination. This involves blood sampling, an ECG and a sonographic examination of the breasts. Women aged over 60 undergo an x-ray of the lungs as well, the age limit for smokers is set at 50. If you fear general anaesthesia, there is no need. Breast augmentation is always performed under general anaesthesia. But as they say: “If others can do it, so can you!”


You will barely see the scar

The surgeon makes the incision during the procedure along the infra-mammary fold, around the areolar periphery or in the armpit. After he/she carefully introduces and fixes the implant, he/she stitches the wound. After the procedure, the surgeon puts a sterile bandage on the wounds and puts tape on the breasts. Do not worry about any conspicuous scars. Thanks to the place of incision, the scars will be almost invisible and they will resemble a thin white line.

Expect to stay at the clinic overnight after the augmentation. Look at it from the positive side – after the surgery you will have proper rest and the doctor will remove the drains the next day. He/she will put new bandages on the wounds and you will get a compression bra and a compression belt.Make arrangements with your husband or family to take care of you properly for the first days after the surgery. Tell them you are allowed to do almost nothing.


Write REST into your calendar

Do not play the hero during recovery and do not attempt to be back to your normal life with the household chores etc. Plan to rest for the whole week after the procedure and do not work or go about your normal duties, even your surgeon will tell you so. It is necessary that your hands remain absolutely steady from the elbows up – no driving, holding children, carrying the shopping bags, ironing… There is a risk that the not yet completely fixed implant could rotate or move.

Healing is under the supervision of a doctor

The surgeon will assess if the healing goes well after a week of a leisurely regime and he/she will give you further instructions. It is then usually not a problem to go back to your job if it is not physically demanding. Do not push yourself too much during the whole period of recovery.

No movement without an elastic bra

An elastic bra which you receive at the clinic and is included in the cost of the procedure will become your inseparable companion for the whole six weeks. It will provide the breasts with sufficient support and it will significantly help the proper healing process after the surgery. Take it off only occasionally and for a while, e. g. to take a shower.

Tip: Get a second compression bra so that you can change them, e.g. when one needs washing. You can minimize the risk of infection only with maximum cleanliness. It is mainly essential during the first days after surgery. You can even wash your bra every day.

Back to sports in 6 weeks

Several weeks of long waiting for a full recovery can seem endless for some women. However, it is really not so long. You should be able to cope with the level of physical exercise you were used to before the procedure 6 weeks after it. It depends on the location of the implants and the individual recommendation of the surgeon.


Are “silicone implants” safe?

The first breast augmentation took place in 1963. More than half a century of practice sufficiently verified the safety of silicone implants. Modern technologies provide more advanced types for clients today. The implant is created from a special medicinal silicone that causes no harm to the body. The exception here confirms the rule, so in exceptional cases the implants can be tolerated badly. Those clients then opt for filling the breasts with their own fat, the breasts can be augmented by 0.5 to 1 size during one procedure this way. Many women therefore undergo the surgery again.

Cosmetic products contain more silicone

Some may talk about releasing an exiguous amount of low-molecular silicone in relation with the silicone implants. In fact, the amount is so low that you can hardly compare it with the amount of silicone which our body receives through skin cosmetics, shampoos, etc.

Will I be able to breastfeed?

If you are planning to become a mother in the next few years but you are craving for bigger breasts right now, there is no reason to hesitate. The implants under the mammary gland will not influence its natural function, therefore it does not influence breastfeeding. If the breasts lower after breastfeeding, modelling would return firmness.

Breast with implants look unnatural

This is one of the myths of silicone breast implants and a frequent argument of their opponents. The fact is that when the size or the shape of the implant used is inappropriate it may look unnatural, especially when compared to the figure of the woman. How could this happen? Some clients have unreal expectation about the size of their breasts. If they insist despite professional advice and find a clinic where no is not an answer, the result is horrifying. At clinics like Aesthevita, there are no such cases thanks to the pre-surgery consultations with a plastic surgeon.

The price

The price

The price of the procedure is final, everything necessary is already calculated. It specifically includes the following:

  • A consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • General anaesthesia
  • Compressive postoperative halter garment
  • The procedure itself
  • A stay at the clinic after the surgery
  • A package with postoperative care

Non-binding consultation

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