Why finally decide to undergo a liposuction? The answer is the method called VASER Lipo

Have you heard about the miraculous method called VASER Lipo yet? It is a modern method of ultrasound liposuction which is painless but also highly effective. At Aesthevita, we use this method. One more reason to stop hesitating and say goodbye to the excess fat in 2018!


The plastic and aesthetic surgery is constantly moving forward and no innovation is the last one. Besides conventional and radiofrequency liposuction which better dissolves fat using radiofrequency energy to suck it easier and has positive effects on skin smoothing, the people interested in modelling their figure can also choose to undergo an ultrasound liposuction with a device called VASER Lipo.

The ultrasound works solely to break the fat cells, not impairing the surrounding tissue. This eliminates the creation of bruises and swellings after the surgery which shortens the time for recovery when compared to conventional liposuction. The patients go back to their normal life shortly after the procedure. It is not surprising that VASER Lip has become the most popular liposuction method in the world.

The ultrasound liposuction is suitable to suck the excess fact from all body parts for which conventional or radiofrequency liposuction has been used so far. As well as for other methods of liposuction, the clients have to take into account that the effect of the surgery gradually matures and final curves get visible in 3 months after sucking the fat out.

Both radiofrequency and ultrasound liposuction are very gentle to the surrounding tissue during the procedure. The recovery is therefore shorter and no problems usually occur. Radiofrequency liposuction BodyTite is particularly suitable for clients with less elastic skin. Using the VASER Lipo method which also uses heating the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the surgeon can modify the shape of the sucked body parts in even greater details More body parts can be modelled in one procedure using VASER Lipo as well as with radiofrequency liposuction.

VASER Lipo method can be a perfect solution for sucking the fat from men whose adipose tissue is typically more solid than in women. The fat cells crack by the effect of ultrasound waves and they can be sucked easier. For maximum comfort during the procedure, a special solution which makes the treated part numb is applied to the subcutaneous tissue of patients with local anaesthesia. VASER Lipo can be also performed under general anesthesia. The doctor will decide what type of anaesthesia is better.

The particular liposuction method is determined by a plastic surgeon on a personal consultation which precedes every procedure. The doctor can finally recommend the particular type of procedure only after the evaluation of the individual’s skin quality, the determination of specific body parts for sucking fat and other factors.