Revolution in breast implants. B-lite implants are one third lighter than other implants

While men associate the word “gravity” with physics, women think of sagging skin or breasts. This is an exaggeration, of course. But there still might be an element of truth in this. Plastic surgeons fight against gravity today and every day. When they can use state-of-the-art equipment, products or technologies, it delivers satisfaction sooner or later. And exactly this type of news is lightweight breast implants B-lite.


The bigger the breasts, the more they weigh, and this weight pulls them down. Although a beautiful cleavage will last for years after an augmentation, as the time goes, the gravity and skin sagging will lead to sagging breasts. A solution to this are unique breast implants B-lite which are 30 percent lighter than any other implants used so far. With them, a woman can avoid a potential repeated surgery by which she would like to raise her breasts.


But they provide more advantages

While the package of B-lite implant is from silicone as typical implants, it is special for the silicone gel inside with air centrospheres. The centrospheres are the reason why the implant is lighter and even more resilient to pressure. It is said that they can resist the pressure of up to 13 atmospheres.


In this context, a breast cancer screening is often discussed with silicone implants. B-lite implants are much more radiolucent thanks to air centrospheres which can be another argument that persuades women to choose these implants.


The manufacturer also promises an unlimited lifespan and when the repeated surgery will not be necessary for any other reason, it will certainly not be due to the wear of the implant. With regards to the technique of surgery during the augmentation itself, it is performed the usual way when using other silicone implants. B-lite implants are available in the round shape as well as in the anatomical shape of a drop.


A pre-surgery consultation is necessary for the right choice of breast implants. A plastic surgeon will check the quality of patient’s skin and her bodily proportions. This determines the perfect size of the implants for the patient. At our clinic, we lend our clients the so-called sizers so she can try on larger breasts. When a woman puts the sizers into a bra, she can imagine how she will feel with larger breasts and last but not least how larger breasts visually change her figure.


However, let’s go back to B-lite implants. In addition to their lightness, they also comply with other requirements that are standard for silicone implants nowadays. Those requirements are: holding the shape, resilience to pressure and no worries about allergic reactions. When we mention the shape, it is necessary to mention that B-lite implants are also top-notch in this regard. Larger breasts look very natural thanks to their unique spatial memory because the material returns into its original shape right after compression.

If you long for the most natural look, ask a plastic surgeon about these implants and you can see and touch the implants on a personal consultation.