Silicone Implants the Myths and the Facts

Even though it’s been 50 years already since silicone implants were invented in the USA, a lot of women still buy the myths that emerged through these years about them, whether rightfully or not. Let’s make the greatest and the most frequent myths clear.


The world has been familiar with silicone implants since 1962 when the first woman who underwent the surgery to get them was thirty-years-old Timmie Jean Lindsey. Her plumper cleavage deserved great attention paid not only by men she met but by general public, too. Plenty of women wished they had bigger and firmer breasts as Timmie got.

But after initial success, a hard fall came. With the increasing number of patients undergoing surgeries, the number of those whose body did not accept the implants and who had various health problems increased proportionally. Approximately 10 years after the surgery, Timmie also fought with some complications but she did not want to give up her breasts. She had never had her implants removed and she was proud on them until her very last moments.

The development of plastic surgery led to improvement of the hit which silicone implants were. They got improved in many ways, especially with regards to their safety and harmlessness. Currently, plastic surgery clinics offer various types and brands and implants are also made with cohesive gel filling which ensures that the content of the implants does not leak out even when the surface structure is damaged by a sharp object. The myths are immortal though, therefore some of them still exist.


Myth No. 1: Silicone implants are dangerous for body

Medical silicone from which the implants are made is safe for the body. Even though it is extraneous substance and some rejecting allergic reaction of the organism may occur, the implants are nowadays usually well-tolerated. If you are intolerant to the implants, there is also an option in which your breasts get bigger thanks to your own fat and thus with the gentlest method called lipotransfer.

Some women are afraid of low-molecular silicone leakage, so called infiltration. The amount of low-molecular silicone is so insignificant though that it even cannot be compared to the amount of silicone which gets into our body through body and hair cosmetics. You can ask about safety tests and certificates for individual silicone brands right at the chosen clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery.


Myth No. 2: Breasts augmented with implants look unnatural

It used to be true with older implants in the past. The patients did not have such a wide range they can be offered nowadays and plastic surgeons did not know the advanced surgical techniques such as dual plane.

“The implant was often placed only under the muscle also in the cases when other method was better for the patient. Various deformities appeared then and their results were unattractive breast shapes. Today, we use method called dual plan which means placing the implant partially under the gland and partially under the muscle. This method isgetting more and more popularity with breast augmentation. We can solve the problem of small breasts as well as slightly to medium saggy breasts thanks to it. It ensures the greatest precision in placing the implants and the best way of forming the lower part of breasts which can get natural look by this,” as MUDr. Ján Pilka fromAesthevitaclinic explains.


Myth No. 3: Breastfeeding is not possible after augmentation

Regarding the fact the implants are always placed under the mammary gland by the surgeon, the fear of making breastfeeding impossible is groundless. Silicone implants do not influence the pregnancy nor the possibility or the period of duration of breastfeeding the child.

The only reason why augmentation may be recommended to some women after a planned maternity by a doctor is the possible sagging of the breasts caused by their enlargement and reduction which are natural during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Especially if you plan to have more children. But this is only an aesthetic reason.

The augmented breasts do not pose any restrictions for the woman.


Myth No. 4: Breasts with implants are cold

This is no longer true with modern implants which are filled with silicone not the physiological saline as they used to be in the past. So called saline implants which were more sensitive to temperature decreasing due to the outside coldness are nowadays no longer used by plastic surgeons.

The bottom line is to get informed about all the details right at the plastic surgery clinic where you will be taken care of by a real professional who will make you familiar with the characteristics of specific implants the clinic uses. At Aesthevita, the clients are taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon right at the consultation. He/she will help to disprove other myths you may worry about, do not hesitate to ask him/her anything you are interested in.