Dermatologist’s tips for flawless skin

Women up to 25 years usually do not take particular care of their skin. If they do not suffer from acnes, eczema or other skin issues. When they turn 25, they start asking what is the right time to prevent wrinkle creation? How to take care of skin properly and what are other possibilities besides masks, creams and sera? We asked our brilliant dermatologist MUDr. Miroslava Večeřová on your behalf.


“Skin ageing depends on genes from a large part. Some women have sagging and tired skin when they are middle-aged and some have firm, elastic skin even though they are older. But all of them should take care of their skin particularly with rigorous cleaning and moisturising using creams as well as by drinking enough water. To get enough sleep is also important.” says MUDr. Večeřová.

In the usual day regime, a person expels around 2 litres of fluids. So, you have to drink a similar amount. The optimum quantity can be calculated using a simple formula – 0.5 litres of water for each 15 kg of body mass. When doing sports, in hot days and during other physically demanding situations, it is necessary to drink more.

It gets more complicated with the enough length of sleep. Some scientific studies define a recommended number of sleeping hours for a specific period of life. The need for sleep is very individual though and it is also influenced by your lifestyle. Therefore, it is the best to listen to your body and allow yourself to relax when it needs it.

Even if you follow the basic principles about drinking and sleeping habits, it does not guarantee your skin will be perfect. What if some imperfections occur? “It is again necessary to understand that each one of us is an original and has different expectation what her skin should look like. Generally, it can be said that when women from 30 years of age are not with satisfied with their skin, they should go and visit an expert.”


Dealing with imperfections

The most frequent imperfection for naturally ageing skin is of course the creation of first wrinkles. Although they are not deep and there is not too many of them, a lot of women reconcile with them with difficulties. “For first wrinkles, the most effective is deep moisturising using methods such as mesotherapy, PRP plasma lifting or some minor laser procedures,” advises MUDr. Večeřová and adds: “In the case, the skin is more sagging, i. e. noticeable deep wrinkles and sagging skin, the intervention of a plastic surgeon is necessary.”

A plastic surgeon can evaluate the state and quality of the skin of a particular client and will recommend the most suitable procedure. The most frequent procedures are a facelift, an endoscopic lifting of the forehead and eyebrows, a bullhorn lip lift, and eventually combinations with other procedures such as an eyelid surgery or a necklift. He/she can also offer filling wrinkles with one’s own fat.

The wrinkles are not always the cause which spoils the skin. It can be also influenced by too much sunlight or procedures such as chemical peeling. “The method called PRP plasma lifting has proven to be a very effective tool for skin to regenerate after summer, after some laser procedures or chemical peelings,“ recommends MUDr. Večeřová. Blood plasma treatment regenerates and brightens the skin up. It can be applied in your face as well as in your neck and cleavage