What else do you know about the liposuction

besides the fat is being sucked out during the procedure

Some may think the liposuction is a way of losing weight that helps to get rid of the kilograms easily and fast. In fact, it is a method designed to shape a figure not to lose weight even though the person necessarily loses the weight of the fat that was sucked out during the procedure. Are you considering undergoing a liposuction but you lack knowledge? In such case, this article is the right one.


Although there are more ways to perform a liposuction, the basic principle stays the same. A cannula is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue and the fat is being sucked out of the body using a suction. Some bruises and swelling mend several weeks during a recovery after the procedure. But not every source will inform you that the final shape of the treated area is visible only after several months from the procedure. Until then, the swellings go down. Therefore, it is vital to be patient.

One of the most common ways of a liposuction is a so-called tumescent technique. This technique involves injecting a solution into subcutaneous tissue and it helps in solving and sucking out the fat. The most modern type of the tumescent technique is a radiofrequency liposuction. The difference involved in the procedure is tiny but the results are noticeably different. Radiofrequency energy (RFAL) visibly prevents the creation of haematomas and swellings, ladies will also appreciate the effect of it because the skin gets smoother. The recovery after the radiofrequency liposuction is similar to that after the tumescent liposuction – in a compression garment – but it is a bit more comfortable thanks to a more comfortable technique.

Get some advice from a professional

You may think you know what you want. You are unhappy about the fat stored in your hips and therefore, you plan to undergo a hip liposuction. It seems reasonable. But a really aesthetic shaping of your figure requires a consultation with a professional. He might save you from your delusion and advice you to get a hip liposuction together with a buttock liposuction. Both can be done in one procedure and the result will look much better and more natural than as if you would have undergone a liposuction of only one part.

That is why all good clinics of plastic and aesthetic surgery offer a consultation with a doctor before the surgery who will hear the client out and offer him/her a perfect and most importantly an individual solution to his/her wishes. Years of experience certainly provide a professional with a more realistic idea of the result of the procedure than a client has himself/herself.

Liposuction is not omnipotent

The idea that you will get rid of the fat stored in the subcutaneous tissue and be thinner is tempting and attractive. Undergoing a liposuction should go hand in hand with setting a healthier lifestyle though. Think of how many or how few physical activities you have. It’s true that the liposuction will get rid of the fat cells from a specific body part but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the fat won't store in another part.

Where and how much fat is stored is genetically pre-determined, influenced by a lifestyle and also largely by age. With forthcoming years, the metabolism gets gradually lazier and it effects the way your body looks. The liposuction is a strong fighter in such cases but you have to cooperate.

How much fat exactly will you get rid of?

Given the fact, that the subcutaneous fat leaves the body together with blood, the surgeon has to keep an eye on it carefully. The maximum of the lipoaspirat (the fat with a solution) that can be sucked out of the body during one liposuction is approximately 4 to 5 per cent of your body weight. Regardless the possible higher weight of the patient, the amount cannot exceed 5 litres.

Even men can undergo a liposuction

Craving for a nice figure without unattractive rolls of fat has not been only women’s thing for quite some time already. More and more men visit plastic surgery clinics and one of the procedures they wish to undergo is the liposuction. Most often, it is an abdomen liposuction or a male breast liposuction.

“Only a few man can admit that they don’t feel good about taking a swimsuit on. Some of them are ashamed of their figure so much that they rather avoid sunbathing on the beach. They have a complex from their big or flabby abdomen. Women have an advantage in this regard, they can have a one-piece swimming costumes and hide their abdomen in it. But this unfortunately does not solve the problem.” says MUDr. Ján Pilka from plastic and aesthetic surgery clinicAesthevita.