Every body part matters. Nice arms belong to a nice figure

Sagging skin on your arms can reveal your age at the first sight as well as facial wrinkles. But you may deal with another problem with this body part – the accumulated subcutaneous fat which makes you prevent wearing tank tops and T-shirts with short sleeves. Neither of these imperfections is a reason for you to limit yourself. Finding an expert is enough.


In the context of the plastic surgery, people most frequently speak about breast enlargement, sucking the fat from the buttocks, the enhancement of sagging eyelids or nose modelling... But the overall aesthetic body appearance also depends on other body parts, of course. We have talked about face in the previous article, now we can focus on arms. If your arms need a procedure, you’re certainly not an exception. The portfolio of plastic and aesthetic procedures is ready for that.


When arms get fat

The fat is stored in different places for each of us. It is influenced by genetics, hormones... When the subcutaneous fat is accumulated in arms, it is quite difficult to get rid of it by physical exercising. Diets or losing weight may sometimes help but afterwards there may still be left some residual sagging skin which could not react to the fat loss.

If you are fighting with your “thick” arms to no effect, the liposuction may be the right choice. An even more effective procedure is the radiofrequency liposuction which does not only get rid of the stored fat for good but it has also a positive effect on smoothing your skin thanks to radiofrequency energy.

If you are one of those who lost the fat from arms together with the lost weight but you suffer from the sagging skin, ask your plastic surgeon about an armlift. Its aim is to stretch the skin again, so you would not be ashamed of your uncovered arms.


Fat as the warrior against wrinkles

Sucking the fat sometimes pays off twice. It makes one body part slimmer and it can fill another one. If you don’t plan to enlarge your breasts or making your buttocks rounder, the fat can be used to rejuvenate your hands. It will hide the veins which appear under the skin with ageing. The organism has no problem with it because it is a natural substance. The procedure can be repeated after several months according to your individual needs.

PRP Plasma lifting is also a procedure tested by years of practice and happy clients. The blood plasma application will take your hands a few years back.

Instead of investments into expensive creams and packs, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Both experts can see what procedure is the most suitable or to you at a face-to-face appointment in a short while.