You can’t hide your sagging skin under a polo neck

The cool thing about autumn and winter is that you can hide a lot under the covers of your clothes. Besides stored fat, it can also be sagging skin on neck which indiscreetly suggests your real age despite the fact you are great at hiding it on your face. But what can we do about this imperfection in summer when polo necks and scarves stay at the bottom of our wardrobes?


It is no sin to wish for youthful appearance. Even those women who handle ageing bravely want to stay attractive at the same time. Besides cosmetic products, there is also plastic and aesthetic surgery that is more powerful. The best is to undergo the procedure some time before summer so the skin could get weeks or even months to fully recover without aggressive sunbeams, increased sweating, etc.

As we have already mentioned, it is no exception that good-looking skin of face is in contrast with strikingly sagging skin on neck. With years passing, the skin naturally loses its elasticity all over the body. While most body parts remain hidden under clothes; face, neck and hands are constantly visible. And that's why women usually take care of these body parts with rejuvenating procedures the most.

Tightening the skin imaginarily takes a few years back in time and it can be done by necklift or plastic surgery of neck / neck lifting in other words. It offers several ways how to get your neck the youthful appearance back. It is often performed as a part of facelift and therefore together with tightening the skin on face and the surgical repair of deeper structures of the neck is also possible.

A woman can usually hardly say what type of procedure or combination of procedures her skin needs. To specify this, a no-obligation consultation with a professional is set and the client gets to know everything about the processes and the results of the given procedures and its exact price as well because it is influenced by the chosen type of procedure. AtAesthevita clinic, the clients are taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon right at the consultation, so they leave the consultation with all the relevant information.


Get rid of the double chin

Do you think that wrinkles are not such a current issue for you yet but you would love to get rid of your double chin? Plastic surgery can provide a quick and permanent solution for you too – double chin radiofrequency liposuction NeckTite. Genes play a big role in where and how much of subcutaneous fat is stored. In certain body parts (and double chin is one of them), the fat gets lost with great difficulties.

Double chin radiofrequency liposuction (NeckTite) is approximately an hour-long procedure which is very gentle and which will get rid of your fat cells on neck for good. As it is performed with a very thin cannula, you do not have to worry about visible scars. “The principle of NeckTite is the combination of typical vacuum liposuction and the application of radiofrequency energy. Warming the skin and the subcutaneous tissue ensures visibly tightened skin” as MUDr. Ján Pilka from Aesthevita clinic explains.

The complete effect of the procedure can be seen after 6 to 12 weeks after the surgery, that why is you shouldn’t hesitate to undergo a double chin liposuction before summer.

Even though the neck is not mentioned so often in the articles about plastic surgery, ageing skin or fat pads on double chin make a lot of women feel less confident when looking to the mirror. But the solution is close.