Improved belly (not only) for bikinis

The abdomen is one of the most problematic body parts regarding fat storage. The woman's skin on the belly also undergoes many transformations during pregnancy. Not only fat pads but also sagging skin which lost its firmness becomes a threat. What can you do about that?

Where the combination of exercising and diets did not help, a liposuction comes. But we have to make clear from the beginning that the liposuction cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. Even though fat cells from the given body part are removed permanently, the body will easily find another part to store fat. If you tend to gain weight and you would like to maintain that good shape of your figure, you can’t avoid putting on trainers and keeping eyes on your dietary regime. Avoid sweet and high-fat meals and if you are not a huge sport enthusiast, at least try regular walking.

Besides usual liposuction, the portfolio of modern plastic surgery also offers more gentle types of this fat removing method. One type is radiofrequency BodyTite liposuctionduring which the subcutaneous tissue is heated using radiofrequency energy and which leads to easier process of fat suction and visible skin smoothing. The result is also faster recovery with less bruises and swelling.

Also VASER Lipo is a revolutionary liposuction method of the 21st century. This ultrasound method does not only make problematic body parts slender but also stretches skin. The liposuction using VASER Lipo which is approved by a recognized American institution called Food and Drug Administration is also very gentle to the subcutaneous tissue. It minimizes the creation of bruises and swelling and makes healing faster.

The liposuction usually takes from one to two hours and is performed under partial or general anaesthesia. You can discuss what the suitable type is with the doctor at a pre-surgery consultation where he/she will tell you everything necessary and also what result you can look forward to. In some cases, the plastic surgeon will recommend the liposuction of more than one body part – hip liposuction is often done together with abdomen liposuction – to achieve the highest firmness possible.

Almost invisible scars of few millimetres (because of the cannula) stay on your body as a remainder of the procedure. The recovery takes approximately six weeks. During this period, the bruises and swellings will disappear, and your figure will get to the final shape within three months after swellings go down.


When skin sags

Even those who manage to lose weight without liposuction are not always satisfied with their bellies. The skin does not have to stretch back after losing a lot of weight or after a pregnancy (especially multiple). Its elasticity is influenced by genetic predispositions and age. For very loose skin, there is no other option than to remove a part of it so the belly would be smooth again. This procedure is called abdominoplasty.

This surgery is more complicated than liposuction, but it leads to great results in cases where no other solution would be helpful. It takes to two three hours and is done under general anaesthesia. The size of the scar and its location depends on the amount of the removed skin. The surgeon will again make everything clear at a pre-surgery consultation.

You can see the results of liposuctions, abdominoplasties and other transformations in our web gallery. Our client’s story about her abdominoplasty can be seen here.