Thigh lift

You worked so hard to get to your dream weight and now your joy is spoilt by sagging skin that remained after dieting? Perhaps you do not suffer from this problem because of the weight loss but due to the natural consequence of ageing and skin sagging…Thigh lift, the plastic-surgery method, is focused on forming precisely this body part. You won’t be ashamed of wearing shorts after this 2-hour long surgery.

Anesthesia: General
Duration of operation: 2 hours
Convalescence: 4-6 weeks

You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon during the consultation

Choose a convenient date of the surgery at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic

Relax during your recovery so the wounds would heal well

You will go through the necessary medical examination before the procedure


Consultation is necessary

Before you go shopping for new clothes, make an appointment for the pre-surgery consultation. The consultation precedes every procedure. You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic. Ask questions about anything you are curious about. Among other things, the doctor will show the area where he/she will make an incision and how much skin is likely to be removed. You will leave the consultation with a clearer image of the process and the outcome of the planned surgery.

A lifting procedure is much more powerful than creams

Significantly sagging skin needs a more effective tool than skin tightening creams. Regardless of what miracles they promise. Even a cream with strong tightening effects is not as helpful as the removal of excess skin and pulling sagging skin upwards which is done during lifting.

Right before the surgery

Before the procedure, you undergo the pre-surgery examination with blood sampling and an ECG. The clients aged over 60 undergo an x-ray of the lungs as well, for smokers the age limit is lowered to 50+.


What does the surgery consist of

The surgeon makes an incision on the inner side of the thigh from the knee to the groin and in the groin in the shape of a letter T. He/she removes the excess skin, including the subcutaneous tissue, and tensions the sagging skin. Stitching the wounds with absorbable sutures and the application of a sterile bandage come at the end of the surgery. The doctor will remove the drains the first or second day after the surgery and will put on a compression garment.

The thigh lift is performed under general anaesthesia; therefore, a short stay in hospital is required. Expect to spend two nights at the clinic. Look at it from the positive side – after the surgery you will have proper rest and the doctor will remove the drains and put tape on the thighs the following day.


Plan short holidays

Persuade yourself to take a rest for the first week after surgery. Proper relaxing is necessary for proper recovery. Let your legs relax for a few days. Bruises and swelling are completely normal after the procedure. They will gradually disappear within three weeks.

The underwear you can’t live without

Spend the six weeks after the surgery in the compression garment you leave the clinic in. Take it off only for a moment – for a shower for example. The compression garment prevents any more bruises and facilitates healing. When the scabs disappear from your scars, you can start with gentle pressure massage. It will smooth the scars and significantly help their healing.

When will I be able to resume a normal regime

You will be able to handle the physical exertion you used to before the surgery after approximately 6 weeks of recovery. Let the groin heal until then.


Take care of the tightened skin

Even plastic surgery cannot stop time. Do not rest on your laurels and especially if you have undergone the surgery because of sagging skin caused by ageing, take care of your skin using quality tightening cosmetics. You can slow down the process of sagging which comes about naturally over time.

The price

The price

The price of the procedure is final, everything necessary is already calculated. It specifically includes the following:

  • A consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • General anaesthesia
  • Compressive postoperative halter garment
  • The procedure itself
  • A stay at the clinic after the surgery
  • A package with postoperative care

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