Buttock augmentation using body’s own fat (Lipotransfer)

The majority of women probably don’t understand you. While they try to get rid of the fat in the buttocks in many ways, you wish for plumper curves. Forget about overeating, the plastic-surgery method called lipotransfer will help you to achieve the desired curves. These are two procedures in one – modelling the body through liposuction and buttock augmentation with the body’s own fat. You are not alone; this procedure is becoming increasingly popular.

Anesthesia: general
Duration of operation: 2 – 3 hours
Convalescence: 4-6 weeks

You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon during the consultation

Choose a convenient date of the surgery at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic

Relax during your recovery so the wounds would heal well

You will go through the necessary medical examination before the procedure


What outcome can I expect?

Is lipotransfer exactly what you need? Do not hesitate to make an appointment for the pre-surgery consultation. You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon from the very first moment at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic. Discuss with him/her how much fat will be appropriate to apply in your case and anything else you are curious about.

Nice buttocks both in jeans and swimsuit

Do you feel like a weirdo when you catch yourself checking out the nice buttocks of another woman? Soon, you can check your own buttocks in the mirror with the same admiration. And no extraneous substance is needed, only your own fat.

Right before the surgery

When the planned date of the procedure is approaching, you will undergo the pre-surgery examination. It involves blood sampling and an ECG. The patients aged over 60 undergo an x-ray of the lungs as well, the age limit for smokers is set at 50. Be prepared for the fact that the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. You do not need to worry – plenty of others have undergone it before!


The unique method – Pure Graft

The fat is transferred from one part of the body to another during the lipotransfer. The fat can be transferred from more than one body part with very thin women. The fat is sucked out of the chosen parts using vibration assisted liposuction after setting precise parameters to maintain quality. Then it must be purified.

Pure Graft using a closed system is used at Aesthevita. The fat that was sucked out goes directly to the cleaning filters and will not come into contact with the air. Cleaning is a very sensitive part of the surgery. If the fat is not cleaned using a gentle method, it would be devalued. The consequence would be its rapid absorption and other undesirable effects.

You won’t see the scar

The surgeon will apply the purified fat into the buttocks with a very thin cannula with a diameter of only a few millimetres. Therefore, you do not need to worry about visible marks. And not even after repeating the procedure. The scars remain very tiny.

Overnight stay at the clinic

The modelling of buttocks using one’s own fat is always performed under general anaesthesia. A short stay in hospital is required afterwards; prepare to stay at the clinic overnight. You will get the best care and your body will rest properly after the surgery.


Leisurely regime is essential

The buttocks heal quickly after the surgery. The body’s own fat is not an extraneous substance to the body and that’s why no rejection can come about. However, resting after the procedure is still absolutely necessary. Rest as much as possible in the first week. The bruises and swelling will gradually disappear within 2 to 3 weeks. You will be ready for sports or other physically demanding activities in approximately 6 weeks.

Garment that heals

You will need a compression garment for 6 weeks after the procedure. You probably won’t feel enormously attractive in it but the essential thing is that it helps you to achieve the desired figure. The compression garment prevents creating more bruises and facilitates healing.

The curves will become visible

The body gets into shape after the procedure gradually. Be profoundly patient – the curves you are looking for will become visible. Only they may not be visible right after the last bruise disappears.


The fat can be lost during a reduction diet

Keep in mind that if you switch to a reduction diet sometime in the future or will significantly lose weight through another way, it can influence the shape of your buttocks. It is not enlarged with an implant but with the fat that body considers natural and therefore takes it as such. Therefore, the fat can be burned if the body is provoked to do so.

A small portion of the fat will get absorbed. Consider it as a penalty for the gentle procedure and the natural look of the treated body part. However, if you wish to model the buttocks more in the future, the lipotransfer can be repeated.

The price

The price

The price of the procedure is final, everything necessary is already calculated. It specifically includes the following:

  • A consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • General anaesthesia
  • Compressive postoperative halter garment
  • The procedure itself
  • A stay at the clinic after the surgery
  • A package with postoperative care

Non-binding consultation

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