Buccal fat removal (Buccal lipectomy)

Chubby cheeks are no good to anyone. Sometimes they are the consequence of generally being overweight, sometimes of a genetic disposition which is difficult to fight with dieting. Modern plastic surgery can get rid of your buccal fat pads using a gentle removal procedure which takes less than an hour.

Anesthesia: General
Duration of operation: 45 minutes
Convalescence: 2-3 weeks

You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon during the consultation

Choose a convenient date of the surgery at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic

Relax during your recovery so the wounds would heal well

You will go through the necessary medical examination before the procedure


Make an appointment for a consultation

Sucking the unwanted facial fat from your cheeks will make them thinner and you can emphasize them using rouge. You will no longer have something to hide. As well as for other procedures, the pre-surgery consultation precedes the surgical removal of buccal fat. You will be taken care of directly by a plastic surgeon at the Aesthevita plastic surgery clinic. If you have any questions, it is the right time to ask them during the consultation. You will leave with a more coherent image of what outcome you can look forward to.

Simple face modelling

The majority of people have a fat layer under their cheekbones. It naturally reduces with age, however, genes or being overweight can cause the opposite. Did you think that you can’t do anything about your chubby cheeks? Well, that is a mistake. All you need to do is decide on an appropriate procedure.

Right before the surgery

When the planned date of the procedure is approaching, you will undergo the pre-surgery examination. It involves blood sampling and an ECG. The patients aged over 60 undergo an x-ray of the lungs as well, the age limit for smokers is set at 50.


What is happening in the operating room

The surgeon performs an incision through the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. This way he/she removes the excess fat using a very thin cannula and then stitches the wounds with absorbable sutures. It is a relatively easy procedure which takes around 45 minutes on average.

Because the incision made by the surgeon is on the inner side of the cheeks, the scars after the procedure will be difficult to find even for yourself. Other people will certainly not find them. However, at the same time you have to pay attention to proper oral hygiene during scar healing.


Rinse the mouth

For at least one week after the procedure stick strictly to a maximum of oral hygiene. In a perfect situation, rinse your mouth after every meal using a special disinfecting solution to avoid infection in the healing wounds. Take care around the stitches inside the oral cavity when cleaning your teeth.

Avoid peppery meals

Temporarily switching to a soft diet is also helpful for recovery. Stick to it for a week after the procedure. Definitely avoid spicy and savoury meals.

When do the bruises and swelling disappear

Some minor bruises and swelling may appear after buccal lipectomy. They will subside within 10 days. The cooling pads are great for the swelling.


The fat won’t return to the same area

Fat will not store in the treated area again, the fat cells are removed from there for good. But if you feel your dietary habits are not ideal, the time after the surgical modelling might be the right one to change that. The body will easily find another space where the fat can be stored, therefore removing fat from one body part cannot stop overall fat storage.

The price

The price

The price of the procedure is final, everything necessary is already calculated. It specifically includes the following:

  • A consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • General anaesthesia
  • The procedure itself
  • A stay at the clinic after the surgery
  • A package with postoperative care

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