Breast augmentation using the body’s own fat (Lipotransfer)

Dear doctor,

I have had small breasts for my whole life so I was thinking about enlarging them for a long time. But there was no other way than breast implants until recently and I was worried about the reaction of my body to foreign matter so I did not proceed any further. When I ran into an article about lipotransfer method on the Internet, I was so interested I wanted to hear more from a professional.

I searched the websites of various clinics that offered this method but none of them dedicated so much space to it as Aesthevita. And it was on its website where I got to know you learned this method in the USA. You investing your free time in education and learning new methods was one of many reasons I trusted you from the very beginning.

I got all the information I need at a consultation with you. I liked the fact that the consultation was not rushed and you did not force me into anything. I had enough time to think about the information I got and made my decision.

As anyone probably would be, I was a bit nervous before the procedure itself. I felt a relief thanks to the staff at Aesthevita clinic. They took such a good care of me both before and after the surgery that I felt I am rather in some five-star hotel than a clinic.

I am absolutely happy with the result. I don’t regret my decision at all and if someone asked me if I would do it again I would say YES without hesitation.


Martina, 47 years

Before & After

The Doctor’s Statement

Mrs Martina longed for larger breasts and she preferred her own tissue to implants. I could offer her lipotransfer method and as you can see the result is very nice. I modelled the body part with excess fat by liposuction and I used the fat to make the breasts larger. As it is said nowadays – a 2-in-1 method.

MUDr. Ján Pilka
Plastic surgeon

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