Breast lift

Dear doctor,

I underwent breast modelling with my own tissue in 2016. The fact that you use this special method made me decide to finally make a change. Until that I only knew the usual breast firming method but I longed for having a plump cleavage again and silicone implants were not a choice for me with regards to the size of my breasts.  The method of modelling with one’s own tissue impressed me and I couldn’t wait to undergo this procedure.

To decide for you was definitely the right choice. Great reviews convinced me about that at first and my own experience later confirmed that. I would recommend to every client to take the opportunity and ask the questions she has at the pre-surgery consultation so she could put the fears aside. I worried too but when I found out what the procedure looks like, I stopped worrying.

The procedure itself was without complications and the unpleasant pain that occurred after I woke up from anaesthesia was soon gone. I felt great in a week! The recovery was also without complication, all I had to do was to follow your recommendations.

Even from this point, I can tell that I would do this again. My breasts look natural, it is easier to pick clothes and I got my healthy self-confidence back. I can warmly recommend you and your team from Aesthevita to anyone!

Mirka, 29 years

Before & After

The Doctor’s Statement

From a medical point of view, I am very satisfied. I managed to meet the expectations of the client. The breasts are firm and opposed to the usual breasts modelling, they are also full in the upper pole thanks to autoaugmentation. Mrs. Mirka had no postoperative complications, the healing process was normal. I am glad that I could contribute to the improvement of my client’s self-confidence.

MUDr. Ján Pilka
Plastic surgeon

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