MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD. got his medicine degree in Slovakia at the Faculty of Medicine of Komenský University in Bratislava where he also passed his attestation in the specialization of plastic surgery. Later on, he also got his PhD. at this faculty. He finished his studies for European certificate in Brussels and thus received his FEBOPRAS (Fellow of EBOPRAS) certificate. He also received a master’s degree in health sector management. He is currently licensed for Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD. is an active member of professional chambers and organizations: 

·       SLS – Slovak Medical Chamber

·       SSPLR – Slovak Wound Healing Society

·       SSPECH – Slovak Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

·       IPRAS – International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery

·       ESPRAS – European Society of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

·       ISAPS –  International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

·       EBOPRAS – European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


MUDr. Martin Rich, PhD. is well-experienced in the field of plastic surgery. Since 2008, he has worked at the clinic of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in University Hospital Bratislava as a plastic surgeon. In 2014, he accepted the offer to work at our Aesthevita clinic where he also works as a plastic surgeon. Clients can meet him both in Prague and in Karlovy Vary.

MUDr.  Martin Boháč, PhD. focuses mainly on breast reconstruction after cancer within initiative New Mamma sponsored by International Visegrad fund, on fat autotransplantation and aesthetic surgery. He started to be interested in research of adult stem cells from adipose tissue and their clinical application with the use of the latest 3D pre-operative and post-operative analysis as one of the first professionals in his field. He is also a member of the team of experts from the Institute of Biochemistry and Experimental Oncology at Faculty of Medicine of Charles University who are dedicated to the research of adult stem cells and their use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


As well as his colleagues, MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD. regularly visit congresses abroad and workshops around the world. In order to learn about the latest trends, he does not hesitate to travel for new experience to such countries as: Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, the USA but he also travels around Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 2014, he participated in humanitarian mission ISAPS LEAP to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.


My job is fulfilling. We have the opportunity to help people with the adjustment of their appearance but also to help them in difficult life situations. On the basis of my experience in plastic surgery, I founded civil society organization MAMMA feminina which mostly concentrates on raising public awareness about breast reconstructions for the patients after they won their fight against cancer.

I am pleased when I can help our clients to feel good and to be happy about themselves. The aesthetic changes can often help clients to increase their self-confidence, they feel better and are happier. And that’s what makes me happy.

MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD.
Plastic surgeon