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Clients´ stories

  • Olivia Olivia


    Bad life events on my face visibly signed. "Thanks" spend a year in permanent stress'm getting old fast. I knew that creams and cosmetic treatments don't help me turn back time. I therefore decided to visit a plastic surgery clinic. Dr. Pilka recommended me the Facelift. I didn't hesitate, and 14…


Plasma lift - Natural Rejuvenation that actually works

Whether in plastic surgery, dermatology or any other branch of medicine, the rejuvenating procedures, which are based on fat grafting, are booming these days. Wrinkle fillers or autologous breast augmentation are still more demanded methods. And what about plasma therapy or in other words “ Dracula…

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  • of Our professional doctors have 10 years of experience  and more than 9,000 surgery clients
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